Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Teach us to number our days. . . .

I finally finished the top for the Quilty 365 challenge proposed by Audrey of Quilty Folk.  It was, indeed, a challenge but really worthwhile, especially now that I can look back to reflect on the year.  I got behind within a week.  I caught up, I got behind, I caught up, and so the year went.  Finally, I added the bottom to the quilt.  Now, I must make a backing, quilt, and bind.  Wonder how long that will take. . . .  I am so glad that one commenter early on suggested offsetting each row.  I didn't worry about matching seams, and it's a good thing that I didn't have to match seams because I'm sure that I stretched far too many blocks.  Pardon the driveway background in the photos.  Tape wouldn't hold my top to the garage door, and nailing the top to the side of the house was out of the question.  Also, ignore the thread in that final shot.  I will be picking off threads from now until.  Now, I need to get the back made.  It will feature these words from Psalms:  "Teach us to number our days. . . ."  Then to the quilting.


  1. What a perfect quote that will be for this quilt. I started Quilty365 but quit about halfway with finger pain. I think my hand sewing days are over. Only small bits of it in future. And I still haven't done anything with the circles I did manage to finish. They are nicely stored where I can find them in another decade. Ha.
    Great suggestion to offset the blocks. It sounds like you sewed them in order. This will make a lovely memory of the year. Congratulations.

  2. Georgia, your quilt top is stunning. I can see that you were very thoughtful with the selection of fabrics and yours is a almost a diary of your year. I think I see Fourth of July midway trough. And it looks as though your circle include some pieced blocks as well! Well done!